Why Choose a luxury Villa in Koh Samui?

samui luxury villas

A luxury villa in Koh Samui is perfect for money-conscious travelers who want to spend less on accommodation. Samui Island has some wonderful luxury villa that are affordable without trimming the facilities and comfort offered. This is achieved mostly by locating themselves at a walking distance from the beachfront.

Holiday villa in Koh Samui is found all over the island, both in the beach areas and in inland locations. Due to the large number of travelers in this segment, the island has good choices of budget hotels on offer. Chaweng beach, being the most popular beach of Samui Island, is one such location teeming with budget hotels.

Being luxury accommodations, these are typically located away from the main beach road of Chaweng. Due to the incredible price difference between these hotels and luxury beachfront hotels, budget travelers do not mind staying a bit away from the seafront.

The advantages of staying away from beach area are many, the tariff being the most prominent. Chaweng being a popular beach is always thronging with visitors. By staying away, the hustle and bustle of the beach area can be avoided. However, to engage in beach activities, tourists need to reach the beach area, which may be at a distance.

Some of the best luxury villas in Samui are located at www.samuivillaretreat.com, Baan Rom Mai, Big Blue Bungalow, Chaweng Residence, Chaweng PR Guesthouse, Lucky Home Resort and Moon Light Hotel. These hotels are located close enough to Chaweng beach with easy access to beach area.

Budget hotel Koh Samui is not limited to Chaweng beach area alone. Other island beaches like Lamai, Bophut, Maenam and Nathon too have sufficient private villa to accommodate the visitors to these beaches.

By staying in a luxury villa in Koh Samui, travelers can choose to spend more on activities or spend more days in the island. Either way, it is a lucrative arrangement.