Cheap Phuket Holidays On Any Budget

Cheap Phuket Holidays On Any Budget

Phuket is one of the most unique landscapes that you will ever visit, a place that has become a mecca for individuals that are drawn in by its unique beaches, countryside, and temples. It is an island, right off the side of Thailand, adjacent to the West Coast of what is called the Andaman Sea. There is a bridge which connects the island to the mainland, and it has about 600,000 people. Due to tourism, it has become Thailand’s most wealthy province, with about half of those long term tourists, and migrant workers. But as a tourist, you are more than likely interested in how you can go to this beautiful island for the lowest possible price. Here are some tips on how to get a cheap villa from Phuket villa retreat site.

Finding The Lowest Travel Rates

If you would like to travel to Phuket, and you have not yet had the chance to go, it’s a good idea to try to find a way to get over there for the lowest possible rates, and the good news is the rates are very low. Comparatively speaking, if you look at the prices that are charged for most hotels in exotic places, they run a couple hundred dollars a night. But in Phuket¬†you will be able to stay at some of the better locations or less than $100, making this a very affordable place to travel.

Travel Sites Online

You can actually use many of the travel sites on the Internet to secure the best deals. Many of them have quite a few specials running all the time. What you will want to do is book your flight and your hotel stay simultaneously so that you can benefit from these deals when they come up. You can end up saving hundreds of dollars, or thousands of dollars if you are traveling with multiple people, on a week long stay or even more. Companies like Priceline have been offering excellent airfares and has excellent prices, but when you can combine the two from one website, the savings will definitely add up.

Best Time To Travel

The best time to travel is during the off-season when the monsoon rains are not occurring. This is typically between April and May, and September and October, when you don’t want to travel. Taking advantage of this knowledge, you can book your stay just prior or after these monsoon season weeks so that you can get the best rates. People tend to travel a month out from monsoon season on either side of the calendar, and this is where you can score the best deals.

Traveling to Phuket can be a very exciting time, one that will allow you to generate quite a bit of excitement and fun whether you are in the water snorkeling or scuba diving, or going to the jungles with the many monkeys, you will definitely see beautiful and ancient sites that will keep you coming back for more.